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No longer here

It was fun while it lasted, but this journal is abandoned. Thanks!
If you need me, I'm on tumblr: readysetjeans
Persona 4 fansite

:SITE CLOSED: Thank you for all your support, it was fun...!

Lucky Dog 1 fansite

:SITE CLOSED: Thanks for all your support! (Also tennenouji hurry up and release "+bad egg" soon, thx.)

DRAMAtical Murder fansite

:SPORADIC: R-18 BL site even though there's not actually any R-18. Japanese main.
hmm, aw yeah

Some talk

Just a little rambling of what I've been up to recently

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Anyway, I still have to get a certain someone's present together. I'm just missing the last part, but I hope it gets here soon!
hmm, aw yeah

It's been a while

Between work and school, I haven't had the time to actually sit down and draw seriously for a while. And whenever I try, everything feels wrong--and I know it looks wrong, too. Isn't that weird? My hand should remember everything, so why can't it?

I feel like there's nothing in my heart I want to draw, either. Before, I used to be filled with so many things! You know, when you're drawing, don't you fill up with beautiful thoughts that you try to put into your image? My head used to be full of so many things, like night skies and water droplets. Now, all I have is a blur; the images in my heart aren't clear enough to draw with.

Being moody all the time isn't exactly helping me get over this, so I'm looking for inspiration in all the little places instead. You know, staring at things like mud puddles, and birds, and even bread rolls. But recently I've discovered there are lots of other things I enjoy doing more than drawing, which makes me both happy and sad at the same time.